Residential Real Estate Lending Services in Denver, CO

Here at COST Fund, we provide investment home loans to help your residential property portfolio flourish in Denver. Our lenders can get the funding you need in order to act quickly on promising investment opportunities, without having to go through a credit check or lengthy banking application process. Our residential loans have appealing terms that focus on widespread profitability over fees. We have the financing solutions that let you see returns on Denver properties faster and more efficient than traditional investment offers.

Simple to Understand Denver Home Loan Terms

Our terms allow for better alternatives to traditional mortgage lenders in Denver. The short-term property loans we offer have no origination fees on 12-month notes and have interest only monthly payments. The competitive terms on our Denver residential loans also have loan-to-cost ratios up to 80 percent and extension options with no prepayment penalties. Find the terms you want in the time you need for your investment home loans in Denver.

Premier Residential Lending in Denver

Have you ever found the perfect Denver property to invest in, only to let it slip through your fingers because of inconvenient traditional home loan requirements? With our investment options, you can have the funds you require to get those residential properties before their snatched off the market. We perform extensive research to stay current on Denver trends so we can identify real estate comparables, analyze available inventory and recent sales. We also do an inspection of the property you’d like to invest in as part of our home finance process.

Advantages of Our Denver Property Loans

For home finance on projects that will only last a few months to a few years, our residential investments can rapidly get you the funds you want, while giving you personalized service. Our investor-friendly financing uses in-house underwriting and other services, so you work with a lender who knows and understands you and who you know as well. In Denver, we aim to provide private loans that are beneficial for everyone, not just the lender.

Apply for a Hard Money Loan from COST Fund!

When you need the money to close your real estate deal, but don’t want to wait for credit from a slow-processing bank, turn to COST Fund. Our fast and easy qualification takes days instead of months to get you approved. We’ve provided hard money and private mortgage options, specializing in short term residential lending services for the Greater Denver Metro for more than five years, with more than 600 acquisitions already processed. Apply today to get your process started!