Direct Private Lender in Denver, CO

As one of Denver’s finest short term loans direct lender, we have the solutions to help your investment flourish. Our private lenders at COST Fund provide direct loans that fit your needs, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of conventional banking and other direct money lenders. We understand that time is of the essence when you’re pursuing an investment, that’s why our private real estate loans in Denver make it easy to act fast so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Denver’s Premier Direct Money Lenders

Invest with ease, when you choose us as your direct private lender. In Denver, we have the financing solutions to make your investments a success with quick processing and attractive terms that are simple to understand. As a dependable money lender, we strive to provide loans that work for every party involved. To do this, our Denver financing has interest-only monthly payments, extendable 12-month terms, and no prepayment penalties. We ask for any origination fees and only have a small charge for documentation preparation.

Invest in Denver with Private Real Estate Loans

When you want to acquire an investment property, turn to a direct private lender you can rely on. We perform all of our services in-house, meaning you get simpler underwriting, documentation and signing. If something goes wrong, we can quickly remedy it. Our direct lender loans can help your Denver real estate investment portfolio grow, quicker than traditional options. For a short term loans direct lender in Denver that offers personalized service to close your deals, go with our private lenders. 

We’ll Work With You in Denver

Our direct lender loans provide funding for a range of investment needs. The options we have available in Denver can help you acquire the residential properties you want. Our short-term lending programs are ideal for fix and flip investments, where the property is back on the market within one to 10 months. They also help in purchasing rental properties, re-financing bridge loans, and at public trustee auctions for Denver foreclosures.

Apply for a Hard Money Loan from COST Fund!

When you need the money to close your real estate deal, but don’t want to wait for credit from a slow-processing bank, turn to COST Fund. Our fast and easy qualification takes days instead of months to get you approved. We’ve provided hard money and private mortgage options, specializing in short term residential money services for the Greater Denver Metro for more than five years, with more than 600 acquisitions already processed. Apply today to get your process started!