About Indicate Capital

Our experts at COST Fund have your next private real-estate loan covered so you can begin owning property in Denver’s metro area. If you’re looking to make an important entrepreneurial step in creating, owning, or buying a business property or commercial area and need a loan to start, our partners at Indicate Capital can help. At a glance, Indicate Capital offers commercial real-estate loans to help you with funding your entrepreneurial endeavor. With attractive and update rates at multiple commercial loan options, Indicate Capital is strictly for business real-estate loans.

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When you need the money to close your real estate deal, but don’t want to wait for credit from a slow-processing bank, turn to COST Fund. Our fast and easy qualification takes days instead of months to get you approved. We’ve provided hard money and private mortgage loans, specializing in short-term residential money lending for the Greater Denver Metro for over 5 years, with more than 600 acquisitions already processed. Apply today to get your loan started.


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