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- Fast and easy qualification
- Competitive rates
- No hidden fees

Real Estate Loan Program – Hard Money, Bridge & Private Loans

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Our purpose is simple, educating our Denver and greater Denver Metro area clients of their options, and finding the right private money lending option for their needs. There is a lot of information in the real estate investment financing world. Is a bridge loan the right call for you? What types of hard money lending should I consider? Exactly what are the advantages of short-term loans such as bridge loans? What should I look for in an investment property loan in Denver?

In the world of finance and real estate, there are two elements of every deal that are crucial to completing a transaction: timing and surety of closing.

Surety of close is often tied to available financing to fund the deal, and timing means getting the financing raised quickly and efficiently to get the deal done.

Where many traditional lenders in Denver and the greater Denver Metro area simply can not, or will not loan on properties, COST Fund is here to help you out. We can provide direct lending and proof of funds in a timely and efficient fashion, keeping your real estate investment financing running smoothly.

We strive to help you build your track record, grow your real estate portfolio, and close more deals. Make our private money lending work for your next bridge loan and real estate investment financing needs in Denver and the greater Denver Metro area.


We realize time is of the essence in acquiring investment properties, which is why we try to make the process as simple, quick, and cost-effective as possible. Whether seeking a bridge loan, hard money lending, or private money lending, at COST Fund you deal directly with the decision makers, so you feel confident your funding needs will be met in Denver and the greater Denver Metro area.

We do not perform extensive credit checks on our borrowers, which allows us to give you a quick answer on your bridge loan, investment property loan, or private money lending request. If approved, we can issue funds in a matter of days, not months like a traditional bank. All of our underwriting, documentation, and signing is done in-house, so you always know exactly who you are dealing with. If there is ever a problem or an issue that arises, you will know who to call, and you will get personalized responses.

COST Fund’s Basics:

  • Competitive and easy-to-understand lending terms
  • Interest-only monthly payments
  • 12-month term (with extension options)
  • Up to 85% loan to cost
  • No prepayment penalty
  • One Time Document Preparation fee – due at closing
  • Lenders Title Policy Required

Our application process is easy and quick. So fill out an application now, and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Please note that Colorado Short Term Funding, LLC can only loan funds for the purpose of acquiring an investment property. We cannot lend for owner-occupied properties.


Our hard money loan terms are simple to understand for the investor. For your benefit, we are careful to keep our easier to understand than traditional banks, and often easier to understand than other hard money lenders you’d find in the Denver or greater Denver Metro area. Rather than charge costly upfront origination fees, we charge a minimal documentation preparation fee. For shorter-term investments like the ones you are pursuing, not charging costly upfront origination fees helps you achieve higher returns on your investments. Don’t hesitate to inquire about your investment property loan in Denver or the greater Denver Metro area today.



Borrowers are responsible for signing and obtaining the following:

  • All Loan Documents, Including:
    • Promissory Note
    • Deed of Trust
    • Personal Guarantee
    • Property Insurance
  • Title Policy and Escrow Fees (if applicable)


What is the definition of hard money?
A hard money loan is a loan in which the borrower receives funds secured by and based on the value of a parcel of real estate, rather than a borrower’s credit. Hard money loans are typically issued by private investors or companies with higher interest rates than traditional financing. Hard money loans are issued for a shorter period than traditional loans and are ideal for investors pursuing projects that will last from a few months to a few years.

What is the advantage to working with a hard money lender based in Colorado?
Working with a lender based in Colorado will allow you to have personal interaction with the decision makers. We strive to meet each one of our customers face to face and gain a solid understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. Additionally, growing up and working in Colorado has helped us learn the intricacies that define each market and sub-market and therefore aids us in giving you a decision on your loan quickly. Real estate investment financing in Denver is our specialty because our history and experience in short-term loans are based right here in Colorado.

You don’t have any origination fees, but a higher interest rate than some competitors, why?
COST Fund does not charge upfront fees because the majority of our customers are using our loans for a short-term investment of under 12 months for their respective investment property loan. If we were to charge costly origination fees, then our loans become much more expensive for our customers, regardless of our interest rate. We believe in partnering with our customers so they can go out and have the confidence they will profit on every deal they participate in with COST Fund in Denver or the greater Denver Metro area. We do not make as much money per loan as other Hard Money lenders who charge origination fees, but rather attempt to profit with our borrowers and develop long-term relationships with them. We hope to be your go-to for real estate investment financing for years to come after your first short-term loan.

Do you charge prepayment penalties?
We do not charge any penalties; we welcome repayment at any time during the life of the loan.

Is an appraisal conducted?
No appraisal is required if it has not already been performed. We conduct our underwriting in-house. Our underwriting consists of using our market research to identify comps, analyze available inventory and recent sales, as well as perform a cursory inspection of the property itself.

Can you offer proof of funds letters?
Yes. We can offer a proof of funds letter to the broker and seller of the property stating total funds available based on our underwriting and loan we will place on the purchase.

Do you have loan options that extend past one year?
At our sole discretion, we can extend the original loan for up to one year for an additional fee.

What do you consider an “experienced investor”?
We consider an experienced investor an individual or company who has successfully purchased, turned, and or leased three or more investment properties in their career.

Do you only lend on single-family properties?
At this time we only lend on single family homes and smaller multifamily properties ranging from 2-4 units. We believe specializing in residential lending allows us to focus on the specifics of the market while providing exceptional service to each one of our customers.

Have more questions? We thought so… please call or email us so we can get your questions answered!